Stainless steel, bronze, 4.00/4.00/4.00 m. Elemental / wind-driven kinetic sculpture. Public Art Commission of NOVE Holding, Sofia. The prize for Contemporary art in the National Heritage Building – Symbol of International Architectural Competition VIZAART. Sofia, Bulgaria, EU, 2000.


The building was originally designed in 1922 as a residence for the two sons of Ivan Gueshov (1849-1924); a prominent figure in Bulgarian political life. It served various needs after WWII and was pretty much destroyed, until it was acquired by the Nove Ltd. Holding for its headquarters.

The little that was left of moldings and paneling served as a starting point for the renovation. While an elevator and more rooms were added, the original layouts were almost fully preserved to accommodate working places, spacious offices for the ruling body, conference rooms and a club in the basement.

The corner cylindrical volume was topped by a dome “Birds”.  Logically enough, an archive photograph, found later, proved that there has been a dome – quite a different one, of course.

Stained glasswork is by the artist Daniella Todorova –