Stone, stainless steel, iron and water, 10.00/7.00/5.00 m.  Elemental sculpture including water. Public Art Commission of the Austrian Government – Austrian Ministry of Culture, Vienna Municipalityand stainless steel in Lindabrunn,  Austria, EU, 1990.

The project is realised with funds of the Austrian Ministry of Culture, Vienna Municipality and a stainless steel factory. The requirement was to create a sculpture in a natural environment, which would call forth an association with the entry of nature in our life and man’s link with it. The site chosen for the sculpture is on the border between a SMALL forest and the settlement Lindabrun. The commission brief gave rise to the concept of a sculptural extension to the natural forest that would provide a space for calm imaginative journeys and spiritual reflection.

The trees in the ’Art Forest’ are of comparable scale to the existing trees in the surrounding woodland. They emerge from a shallow pool where the reflective surface of the water echoes and brings together natural phenomenon with their sculptural equivalents. The raw physicality of materials is constantly challenged through illusion, as individual elements appear to contradict gravity and merge with fleeting images of sky, forests and land. Through this close contact the viewer is inevitably moved to consider the nature of art and reality and their complex and ever changing and mysterious relationship.