Steel – 2.80/1.90/1.20 m. – Sydney, Australia, 1999

This sculpture is inspired by the element of fire, one of the most powerful natural forces. Fire is the divine substance of Creation, yet it contains bipolar projections within itself – one with a positive charge, the other with a negative charge. It is the moving element which comes from the cosmos to bring warmth and life, but which can be destructive when aroused. The sculpture is kinetic and made to spin by the wind. It is therefore called ‘dancing figure’ – depicted as the abstract model of a ballerina possessed by the fiery vibrations of the dance, resembling a flame. It phosphoresces, bathed in light, on the stage of existence. Its abundant energy conquers space with its magnetism and mysticism. The dance is a ritual in which man and nature fuse in an amazing creation, the work of God himself. The dance is the magic which makes the moment eternal, man happier, selfless and free from dogmas. The laconic linear form is a reflection of the rays of light streaming over this silhouette.

The work is a sculptural projection of the dance, inspired by the dynamics of fire. The effect is enhanced by the figure’s constantly changing position in space due to the wind’s impact.