Red granite, 5.00/2.00/1.00 m.

Public Art Commission of Taiwanese Government and Private Sculpture Park of Guilin, China, 2003.
The sculpture FORM was commissioned by the Town Council of Guilin and the Chinese Ministry of Culture. The idea was to parallel nature in its harmony and diversity. The work is large in scale, but has an elegant silhouette and impressive presence. It is made of exquisitely structured pink granite that lends additional vitality and softness to the work. It is situated in the valley of the river Lee, which has served as inspiration for many of the masterpieces of Chinese painting and graphic art. The landscape has an almost surreal atmosphere and the sculpture complements the impression of enchantment and mystery. It seems to emerge from the water and is dissolved slightly in the mist. The pink glow it radiates enhances the volumes smoothly flowing one into the other. Man has always bowed before the great creator Nature and in his attempt to worship it, he tries to recreate it. The sculpture contains within it the principle of balance between hardness and softness, between scale and detail. It generates an internal energy, which envelops the viewer with calmness and the desire for contemplation.

In the future the work will be installed in a water basin in front of the Cultural Centre of the Guilin YUZI PARADISE International Sculpture Centre. In this new site the sculpture will provide two different aspects – gateways to both the natural and architectural conditions of the environment. The soft silhouette will harmonize with the linear simplicity of the façade and simultaneously correspond to the surrounding landscape.

The cultivation of nature is a process into which man puts his heart and soul, which turns the result into art.