Corals – 60.00/0.50/0.60 m. Land art sculpture in Peng-hu International Earth Art Festival, Public art, Municipality of Island Makung, Taiwan,  2001


One of the main purposes of visual art and visual artists is to make visible small things/events, which are somehow aside from the mainstream of human eyes and perceptions. Steel-live, portrait, landscape or abstract picture/sculpture seen through the artist’s eyes, and created by him, becomes more visible, i.e. more considerable among the others. They start a new life.

I found one meeting point between big and small roads, which emotionally and rationally is very interesting for me. Like the big rivers are filled from live small rivers, blending waters, making big river (and the people knows usually the name of the big river only), the big roads are result of gathering of many, many small roads and paths. My project emphasizes on the meeting points, the points where the things are changing slowly, but all those changes leads to the completed new big thing.