6.00/5.00/5.00 m. – a project for the library of NOTTINGHAM  TRENT UNIVERSITY – UK, 1998

The Microcosm and the Macrocosm” – the world inside us and the world in which we live. This sculpture is an emotive image of the Universe, its diversity and wealth of structures. The sculpture itself is a structure situated in space, the result of projections contained in the interior, but greatly enriched with form, shape and colour. It is attached to several columns and hangs freely, reflecting the skylight, which illuminates the sculpture from within, causing it to radiate a diffused light. The work is made of lightweight and durable materials, including specially installed additional lighting that produces a glowing image at night. The sculpture represents a SMALL model of the Universe whose galaxies permeate each other. It is also symbolizes the journey of the human spirit in its’ efforts to understand the Cosmos and its laws.

The exact proportioning of the sculpture will be determined after a detailed study of the actual place in which it will be put – reality always differs from photos and sketches. The specific proportioning will lend an impact to the work and will enable it to act as a mediator between the scale of architecture and the human scale, making the sculpture visible from all sides.