Stainless steel, bronze – 16.00/9.00/9.00 m.

Helena Resort – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – 360° view of the ROTUNDA , 2004

First prize award for 2004 Kinetic Sculpture in the KAO International Kinetic Art Competition, Palm Beach, Florida, USA


The basis of the Rotunda designed for the central outdoor pool of the complex rests on the idea of the modern treatment of the ancient orthodox traditions in our lands. The overall architecture is inspired by the monasteries – sacred places which preserved the Bulgarian spirit and tradition throughout the centuries, the pearl of this type of complexes invariably being the church.

The Rotunda above the pool defines a sacred place, which is the vertical projection of the most important place in the cross-domed church, the place below the main vault – the centre of the crossed horizontal projection symbolising the link between existence and non-existence, between the divine and the human. This is the place where man meets the eyes of God, which are the life-giving sunlight. The silhouette of the pool depicts the horizontal planning of the cross-domed church which logically is dominated by the central vaulted space – the heart of the temple.

The Rotunda above the pool is designed in the orthodox style which contains symbols dating from the ancient Bulgarian pre-Christian symbols, belonging to the Thracian civilization. The two metals – stainless steel (silver) – the symbol of the Moon and brass (gold) – the symbol of the Sun, create a harmonious environment corresponding to the unity between the female and male energy – Yin and Yang. The main rosettes, moving by the wind, symbolise the moving Sun, giving birth to life. This ornamentation has been typical of the Bulgarian lands since times immemorial. The Rotunda has an exterior and an interior space.

The exterior contains the constructive part, which is the model of a cosmic structure and rosettes symbolising the Sun are implanted in it. The whole is topped by a brass (gold) needle which acts as an antenna between the two worlds. The interior space is emphasized by descending sunrays focusing in the centre in an intricately constructed sphere – a model of the earth with its energy points and continuing in a needle turned downward towards the centre of the earth – this is the descend of the cosmic energy in life. The Rotunda is an open-work one – as light must flow from it, which makes it exquisite, as if made of lace, and because of the light in which it is bathed, the sensation below it is as if touching the divine.

From the four directions between the columns water flows like waterfalls, which adds a unique charm to this space. The whole sculptural composition echoes the spirit of our traditions, but with a modern ring. The silhouette is elegant and graceful and the capitals with their specific configuration of a mainly brass (gold) body and a constellation of brass and silver lend additional exquisiteness and sophistication to the whole vision.