Steel, 5.00/4.50/1.50 m.

The sculpture THREE TOTEMS were chosen for the Holland Park Exhibition organized by Royal Society of British Sculptors which was postponed.

Since the creation of the world, Man has always honored his invisible protectors and called them “gods”. This subject is eternal and limitless because each one of us is deeply conscious he is part of something much BIGger and immaculate. One of the first things that Man did in his attempts to define the world in pictures always included the image of a god. People in most ancient civilizations attributed gods to natural happenings, symbols of this usually being statues or totems, which have always had special votive places in holy places or temples. These were the most sacred places inhabited by Man where he found peace to interact with the Universe and pray. These are places where secret acts were carried out, sacrifice, special rituals or meditation.

The forms are innumerable and multi-visage and unrepeatable for each civilization. The problem with the totem has always existed, because it is deeply symbolic and its appearance is abstract.

The sculpture “The Three Totems” is a message to the world about the unification of all energies, male and female, and the result of this. Our world is strongly polarized since the heavy egocentrism of the twentieth century has been raised into a cult, destroys eternal family values and tolerated egotism. Society suffers from growing aggression in relationships at all levels regardless of the fact that it is extremely perfidious. Love and belief could save the world but sometimes these forces are too delicate. Humanity is entering the Third Millennium sick, frightened and incomprehensive of the processes in the Universe. People are isolated not only amongst themselves but above all from Mother Nature. Belief in the qualitative changes, which occur at the arrival of the Age of Aquarius, is contained within the underlying sense of the oeuvre. The Three Totems are, above all, antennae pointing towards the Cosmos and connect the Earth with the Universe. The Ancients knew this and it is no coincidence that even today temples and ancient sacred sites continue to attract cosmic energy, which may help people. The three statues symbolizing Man, Woman and Child are my attempt to create space in whose presence people shall feel assured and at rest. The Family is a strong foundation, deeply encoded in the sub-conscious, on which each of us steps and constructs his own life. The Three Totems are laid out in a circle, which additionally strengthens the emotional effect of the statues. They are succinct, freed of details, enveloped in the mystery of the austere, black world. They are made of steel, which is the representation of power and stability. They are like three swords plunged into the earth – the ancient knightly symbol of peace. The totems have the perfect austerity of ancient symbols, whose silhouette is reduced to a sign. The atmosphere that they create is mystical and wrapped in secretiveness. The language in which they speak is old and comprehensible only in the depth of the human soul. They are silent in their own majesty, giving one the right to accept them freely and understand their message in his own way. They are mediators between the heavens and Earth, Man and the Cosmos. The totems are five meters high, which makes them commanding of respect and, at the same time, magnetic to comprehensive acceptance. The space, which they occupy, aims at creating an atmosphere of sacred commune and spiritual contact. They are austere, but benign, in the way that only a family may be tolerant and well disposed towards each member. In the modern age, people still have the need to relate to sculpture outside without it being limited into one subjective group. Existing freely in a garden medium, she creates the illusion of a natural landscape where there is almost no human interference. The aim is to create such an illusionary medium in which one may feel himself to be in a another dimension, far from the vanities of the contemporary age. They are a representation of our yearnings and dreams to exist in harmony in this hurried century. The theme of the totem is eternal because Man is a spiritual being and his spirit has always created material projection of his imagination. The totems do not have an aggressive presence. Their connections with the observer free-floating like the planets in the Cosmos.