bronze, 4.00/2.20/1.00 m. NEW TOWN SQUARE of Hamilton, UK. Nominated for the best Millennium Public Art in Scotland, UK, EU, 1999.



To be created a 4.00m sculpture and five 5.00 x 3.00m stained glass panels for the Sculptural Screen Wall in the New Town Square of Hamilton.

The regeneration of the Town Centre was led by the Hamilton Ahead Initiative, a partnership project incorporating South Lanarkshire Council, Lanarkshire Development Agency, Scottish Homes and Hamilton Enterprise Development Company.

The £200m project was also part-financed by the European Community European Regional Development Fund 1994-96 Program. The project was nominated for Best Millennium Project in Scotland.

The scheme aims were as follows:

  • To improve the commercial viability of the town centre whilst providing the citizens with an enjoyable environment that fosters community spirit and civic pride
  • To reflect Hamilton’s importance as part of the national and international community
  • To provide a stimulating focus to the new town square that reflects local history
  • To harmonize human and architectural scales within the immediate vicinity Project :The Screen Wall was designed as a backdrop to the main entertainment area in collaboration with Daniela Todorova ( The form is based on a much enlarged film strip where each frame is represented by a large format window. Each hand-painted and laminated window depicts various aspects of the arts and local history. The screen itself is made of Italian Polyphritic slabs, providing a strong and stable structure that compliments the surrounding diversity of stone built buildings.Occupying a natural alcove in the Screen Wall and inspired by a long tradition of totems and standing stones the ‘Totem’ aims to embody the spirit of Hamilton fusing aspects of its ancient and recent history and provide a harmonizing influence within a constantly changing and dynamic urban setting. The sculpture is made from gun metal bronze and reinforced with stainless steel – connecting sculpture to ground. Component sand cast sections were then assembled, welded and shaped.